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The BrimTier Chronicles

Find out all about the life and times of a twenty-third century Robin Hood style space pirate!

These are the adventures of pirate captain Iain Bryce and the crew of Phoenix! Get a glimpse into what it takes to be a hero and criminal at the same time!


A space opera series filled with action and adventure - begin your voyage with the captain and crew of Phoenix today!

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    Fantasy/ Young Adult

The Keeper of Secrets
Can Prince Kell find out what happened to his father, King Jace, in time to save his kingdom?
Find out in this coming of age story

The Populace Edict

Wayde, Dell, Cameron and Kye had come to terms with being told they must keep to the shadows, then they find themselves cast into the light in this heartfelt  2  part coming of age tale.

The Dark Forest Trilogy

Join this epic three part quest to learn if the unlikely companions can find out what has turned the once beautiful Danbar Forest into the Forest of Shadows and stop it from destroying the rest of Ernel.


Urban Fiction

They Come from the dark!

Physicist Gryphon Blake has always relied on science to show him the truth now he is faced with an unknown foe - one that is seemingly killing at random until it attempts to take his own brother, Sam. 

Is it a new strain of a once eradicated virus or something far more sinister?

Will he believe the psychic, Callie Summers, when she tells him he is the key to stopping what she believes is going on?

Can he risk denying the answer?

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